…how the light gets in

Moments that lifted my spirits in recent days.

Easter moon over Apollo Bay

Gibson Steps

Another visit to the slender headland

Gentle rideable swell off the harbour entrance at Apollo Bay

Daily solo swims in the Southern Ocean

Australian fur seals at home on Little Henty Reef

Storm swell near Skenes Creek in offshore gale force winds

Swanning around in the shore break at the end of my street on a cool but sunny autumn afternoon

7 thoughts on “…how the light gets in

  1. the second one down of the group of shots of ‘gently rideable swell etc’ – I have to say it John, but you look like the school master at the front of the class with your big stick and all the students down on the ground. One hard master.
    Loved all the shots as usual
    Cheers, Richard

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    1. I took the photo! That’s my friend Peter G on his stand up paddle board, and he was kindly assisting a youngster (the one in the very next shot kneeling on her surfboard on a wave) to catch a wave at the entrance on this day of gentle surf ideal for beginners. It’s a surf spot that on some occasions produces surf and conditions which are definitely not for beginners.


  2. I’m with Richard. At first glance, I thought it was you on the paddle ski. Your lifestyle is agreeing with you so much that your hair is growing back?
    What a fabulous playground you enjoy down there.

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