Moonlight, Dawn Waves and an Australasian Gannet

Bass Strait and Apollo Bay lit up by a near-full moon.

Golden moonlight over Bass Strait
Golden light from a waning gibbous moon, 97% full, over Apollo Bay and Bass Strait.

Moonset over Apollo Bay

Moon setting after sunrise
The moon about to set behind a ridgeline just west of Apollo Bay.
Moon setting after sunrise
I have said many times that serendipity fuels my photography. These moon shots were taken from the nature strip in front of my house. I was heading out with the camera to photograph some waves, when I looked right and saw this sight above the end of my street.
Moon setting after sunrise
Low cloud scudding across the ridge thwarted my attempt to get a clear shot of the moon half set behind the visible horizon.

Waves backlit by the early morning sun

Breaking wave at dawn
Translucent ribbon of shorebreak backlit by the rising sun.
Breaking wave at dawn
This is just one of the beautiful features of a dawn swim in the surf. Walking towards breaking waves and seeing one rear and fleetingly glow with this aqua and white light show always makes me glad I got up early for a swim.
Breaking wave at dawn
Shorebreak near Little Henty Reef with a light offshore wind.

Henty Reef

Nautical chart extract
This nautical chart shows the location of Henty Reef, 3kms ESE from Hayley Point at Marengo. Apollo Bay township is immediately north -west of the purple circle.
Offshore reef with large breaking wave
Surf breaking over Henty Reef. If there are breaking waves on this bombie, then even if good swell isn’t breaking at the local beaches, it’s not too far off doing so. I took this photo from 5kms away on the beach at Apollo Bay where I had a clear line of sight past Point Bunbury to Henty Reef.
Offshore reef with large breaking wave. Henty Reef
A wave of significance, especially if you were fishing peacefully from a small boat over the reef when this wave appeared.

Australasian Gannet

Australasian gannet flying
Long wings such as these enable the gannet to soar with ease.
Australasian gannet flying
Avian elegance.
Australasian gannet flying
Focussing on the shorebreak below as it soars along the edge of the ocean in the late afternoon looking for fish.
Australasian gannet flying
The general profile of this bird reminds me of the Concorde.
Australasian gannet flying
Soaring in fish-search mode.
Australasian gannet flying
Soaring effortlessly.

The Australasian gannet is a favourite bird of mine. For further photos of this wonderful bird see these earlier posts on this blog:

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3 thoughts on “Moonlight, Dawn Waves and an Australasian Gannet

    1. Thanks Michael. Good to hear that you too are a fan of the Australasian gannet. These birds are abundant around the coastline of the southern half of the continent of Australia (particularly the south east), yet many Australians are not familiar with them.

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