Shorebreak at Dawn

Occasionally the ocean simply offers peace.

These photos were taken before breakfast this morning at Tuxion beach at the end of my street in Apollo Bay, Australia. A consistent surfable swell rolled into the bay from dawn to dusk.

3 thoughts on “Shorebreak at Dawn

  1. Some scenes there well worth getting up early for John. You are back ensconced at Apollo Bay and as you say and I can see why, enjoying the simple peace. The juxtaposition of the above and below water shots are revealing in their contrast – are you using the GoPro?

    I was taken by that shot of cirrocumulus cloud. Sets the mind to wonder – are those fragmented clouds being blown out of the “cloud factory” or being sucked into a vortex?



    1. I used the iPhone for these photos Hunto.

      As for the cirrocumulus cloud shots, being high level clouds, my guess is they are being transported east in a strong upper-level wind. Being so high, you get to see so much more of their area, which allows the perspective effects to kick in, such as the ‘disappearing into the vortex’ appearance, as well as the ‘radiating out from a single point’ effect on show in some of the other photos. Cirrocumulus clouds consist almost exclusively of ice crystals.

      I included the ninth from last photo because it superimposes the apparent origin of the lines of radiating clouds over the white water on a breaking wave.

      There’s been a bit of swell around, which keeps a bit of sand and other suspended stuff circulating in the shore break resulting in low visibility underwater. Looking forward to taking some over/under shots of waves in crystal clear water.


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