Autumn Swell at Little Henty Reef

Morning sun lighting up clean new swell on Little Henty Reef. The swell continued the next day. The two photos following were taken early in the morning at Skenes Creek. While taking photos of waves on the reef at Skenes Creek, this sight to the south caught my eye. It's Henty Reef, or Outer Henty … Continue reading Autumn Swell at Little Henty Reef

Photographic Exhibition at Apollo Bay

For five days around new year's day twenty-one framed canvas prints of photos of mine were exhibited in a little gallery attached to the Mechanics' Hall in Apollo Bay. The exhibition space was shared with Michelle, one of my ocean swimming friends, who exhibited her vibrant acrylic paint and resin art works. The title of … Continue reading Photographic Exhibition at Apollo Bay

Spring, Bright & Apollo Bay

A spring holiday in Bright. Late snow crowning Mount Bogong in mid September. Photo taken from the Murray to Mountains rail trail near the centre of Bright. Mount Bogong from Tawonga Gap, under an interesting sky. View to the east from Mt Buffalo Gorge. Snow capped mountains on the horizon. The green valley is the … Continue reading Spring, Bright & Apollo Bay

The Inviting Cold Ocean

Winter snorkelling near Apollo Bay This extensive shore reef can only be snorkelled at low tide (less than 0.7m) and ideally without big swell. On the day Boo and I decided to go snorkelling this meant getting in the water not long after dawn. This particular 'pool' (it is in fact connected by a channel … Continue reading The Inviting Cold Ocean

Surf Rescue Boat (IRB) Winter Racing at Apollo Bay

The inflatable rescue boat (IRB) is an essential tool in surf life saving in Australia (and many other countries). It was introduced in the early 1970s and eventually replaced the iconic wooden surfboat. Competitive rowing of the traditional surf boats remains a strong and spectacular feature of surf life saving in Australia. IRBs are used … Continue reading Surf Rescue Boat (IRB) Winter Racing at Apollo Bay