Summer Solstice Swell

A very solid swell hit the west coast of Victoria on Sunday 22 December 2019.

I took these photos at Marengo Point and Little Henty Reef, a couple of kms south of Apollo Bay.

I can always be found in the front row when the ocean puts on a show like this.



Middle of the day

John Langmead_untitled_7290_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7294_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7295_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7365_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7491_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7635_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7637_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7639_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7641_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7738_20191222_Online


End of the day

John Langmead_untitled_7790_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7840_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7846_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7900_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7942_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7945_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7947_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7948_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7951_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7961_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_7973_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_8009_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_8027_20191222_Online


John Langmead_untitled_8026_20191222_Online


Postscript: Last Sunday, the day these photos were taken, a rock fisherman at Separation Creek (about 29 kms east of Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road) drowned after being washed off the rocks by this swell.

This is a fate suffered by far too many rock fishermen. There are many risks in our society which are impossible to eliminate or difficult to mitigate. But drowning while rock fishing could be totally eliminated by the simple expedient of a light upper body harness, attached to a light line which is secured to a substantial eye bolt placed in the rocks above the high water mark for this purpose.

One thought on “Summer Solstice Swell

  1. Raw, torrential power, a prelude to explosion. Over and over. It tranfixes the eye and sears the memory.
    A sober postscript John and if only your practical advice were more widely known, as each summer we read this news. Tragically, some men are not respectfully awed by this force of nature.


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