Flying Memories – Chapter 8 (of 10)

Chapter 8 contains my memories of the following events: a charter flight to a station on the Diamantina River, a late-night flight in moonlight above cloud over Adelaide, encounter with a lee wave over the snow fields of NSW in mid-winter, an aerial tour of the Great Ocean Road shortly after Ash Wednesday, flying shark … Continue reading Flying Memories – Chapter 8 (of 10)

Flying Memories – Chapter 4 (of 10)

Forced down by thunderstorms on the Yorke Peninsula Thunderstorms generally. Thunderstorms are a great force of nature to be treated with absolute respect by all pilots. The strong turbulence associated with a thunderstorm can destroy an aircraft, large or small. Thunderstorms generate powerful updrafts and downdrafts which operate from the lowest levels to the tops … Continue reading Flying Memories – Chapter 4 (of 10)

Hang Glider Pilots Fly Bells Beach to Apollo Bay

This coastal run was first done in 1990. As far as I am aware, only high performance hang gliders have done the run. A small number of experienced pilots have, for some years now, been doing this flight whenever conditions permit. Some have logged an impressive number of successful completions of the flight. But while … Continue reading Hang Glider Pilots Fly Bells Beach to Apollo Bay

Early Morning Snorkelling at Little Henty Reef

Hayley Point from the shallows at the southern end of Mounts Bay. (Photo taken on a previous snorkelling visit). Five ocean swimmers ready at 7am to go snorkelling. Weather and ocean conditions were perfect for snorkelling. Entering the water less than an hour after sunrise. During the swim out to the reef, in about 20 … Continue reading Early Morning Snorkelling at Little Henty Reef

Memories of Minnie

Minnie died a couple of days ago. After thousands of great days with Minnie, this day was the inevitable one bad day that is part of the deal of sharing your life with a dog. Minnie was part of our family for just under 17 years. She arrived as a small puppy to provide company … Continue reading Memories of Minnie