A Great Cormorant Riding a Wave, a Swooping Magpie and a Gang of Geese

The 'great cormorant', formerly known simply as the 'large black cormorant', is unlikely to have objected to the name change. Flattering first names are the preserve of only a handful of Australian birds, such as the graceful honeyeater, the magnificent riflebird, the splendid fairy-wren, the superb fairy-wren and the powerful owl. Heading the list of … Continue reading A Great Cormorant Riding a Wave, a Swooping Magpie and a Gang of Geese

Maggie Feeding his Youngster

Mother and baby magpies

The Australian Magpie is famous for its beautiful singing and is somewhat notorious for the swooping-attack behaviour of a minority of their number in the vicinity of nests with eggs or young.  Magpies are a highly intelligent and social bird, and will readily befriend those who take the time to interact and develop trust with … Continue reading Maggie Feeding his Youngster

The Heron, the Honeyeater and the Maggie

White faced heron in flight

The bird life around the coast at Apollo Bay is much more varied than a quick glance might suggest. When you've spotted the silver gulls, the terns and the cormorants, you have only just begun. I went for a wander in the later afternoon light today, and was walking along the dunes beside Wild Dog … Continue reading The Heron, the Honeyeater and the Maggie

Apollo Bay Locals

Adult little pied cormorant

Portraits of three of the birds who call Apollo Bay harbour home.   These photos were taken during the hour before sunset.

Seascapes, motorbike riding and a magpie

Photos taken in recent weeks in and around Apollo Bay.  Too few images on each subject to warrant a post on their own, but images too evocative of memorable moments not to share.  Once again, upon closer examination the ordinary often turns out to be anything but.