Port Campbell SLSC Ocean Swim 2023

An extended summer period without any decent swell in the area ended last Friday when waves like these rolled in along the Victorian west coast. The swell on Saturday wasn't too bad either. Little Henty Reef just off Hayley Point at Marengo (near Apollo Bay) Hayley Point last Friday Port Campbell ocean swimming race on … Continue reading Port Campbell SLSC Ocean Swim 2023

Flying Memories – Chapter 4 (of 10)

Forced down by thunderstorms on the Yorke Peninsula Thunderstorms generally. Thunderstorms are a great force of nature to be treated with absolute respect by all pilots. The strong turbulence associated with a thunderstorm can destroy an aircraft, large or small. Thunderstorms generate powerful updrafts and downdrafts which operate from the lowest levels to the tops … Continue reading Flying Memories – Chapter 4 (of 10)

Flying Memories – Chapter 3 (of 10)

Encounter with a thunderstorm at night On 11 June 1978 I landed VH-WIL (a single engine four seat Piper Cherokee 180) after dark with four passengers (one was a babe in her parents' arms, another was Liz who later married me) in gale force winds and driving rain at the peak of a heavy thunderstorm. … Continue reading Flying Memories – Chapter 3 (of 10)

Flying Memories – Chapter 2 (of 10)

Flying in South Australia - a new adventure I moved to South Australia in early 1978 with about 140 hours total flying time (dual and solo) in my log book. I left five years later in early 1983 with around 1400 hours total flying time in the log book. There were many flying adventures and … Continue reading Flying Memories – Chapter 2 (of 10)

Flying Memories – Chapter 1 (of 10)

This is the first in a series of posts recording some of my favourite memories about my early interest in aeroplanes and the years when I flew aeroplanes. I offer no promise that any posts in this series will prove interesting to readers with no interest in aeroplanes or flying. My eyes have been turned … Continue reading Flying Memories – Chapter 1 (of 10)