Southern Right Whales at Marengo

The southern right whale was hunted to the edge of extinction in the early nineteenth century. While it is now making a steady comeback, it is still classified as an endangered species. It's always a special event to see a southern right whale at relatively close range. Skip the next five paragraphs and go straight … Continue reading Southern Right Whales at Marengo

Apollo Bay

Storm clouds over ocean at Apollo Bay

I recently retired from a career of 33 years, and Liz and I now call Apollo Bay home. These photos are a few random shots of everyday sights around this town. Winter skies This photo was taken looking south east across Mounts Bay, near Marengo. This bay is immediately south of the Apollo Bay. It … Continue reading Apollo Bay

Victorian West Coast Winter Surfing

Lip throwing out on winter wave

In midwinter on the west coast of Victoria, bitterly cold offshore winds fan curtains of spray off swell lines generated by storms in the deep southern latitudes between Australia and Antarctica. Most of these winter waves go unridden. But occasionally the keen observer will fleetingly spot something black in the water well offshore, appearing and … Continue reading Victorian West Coast Winter Surfing

Six Days on Thistle Island, South Australia

Thistle Island is a wild, remote and pristine island off the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. It took only a short time to consider our answer to an invitation to spend five or six days on Thistle Island to help a friend celebrate his birthday. So a short time later, Lizzie … Continue reading Six Days on Thistle Island, South Australia

Flinders Ranges and the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

Sheringa beach sand dunes Eyre Peninsula

Kanyaka Station Ruins on Kanyaka Creek In the South Flinders Ranges about 25 kms south west of Hawker in late 1851, Hugh Proby, the well-educated and wealthy young son of an Irish Earl secured land for a cattle run. He was the first to take up and stock Kanyaka station. Proby had arrived in Australia … Continue reading Flinders Ranges and the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia