Apollo Bay Locals

Portraits of three of the birds who call Apollo Bay harbour home.

John Langmead_BirdsABSpring2018_6859_20180907_Online
The imperious and slightly greasy-necked greylag goose.
John Langmead_BirdsABSpring2018_6862_20180907_Online
Greylag goose cooperating with formal portrait pose, albeit with a bit of a sly look.
John Langmead_BirdsABSpring2018_6877_20180907_Online
An adult little pied cormorant, on the pontoon at the boat ramp.
John Langmead_BirdsABSpring2018_6883_20180907_Online
For a bird permanently burdened with the word ‘little’ in his name, he exudes a lot of attitude. Not sure whether this comes from the edgy hairdo, the frowning face, the serious beak or all three.
John Langmead_BirdsABSpring2018_6894_20180907_Online
I suppose when your legs are this short, it’s fair enough that your first given name is ‘Little’.
John Langmead_BirdsABSpring2018_6913_20180907_Online
Juvenile silver gull basking in the golden light of the sinking sun.
John Langmead_BirdsABSpring2018_6951_20180907_Online
Last flight of the day.


These photos were taken during the hour before sunset.

2 thoughts on “Apollo Bay Locals

  1. Funny you should mention that Hunto. The goose looking so proud and calm in the portraits was in fact involved in a serious dust-up with another goose in the group when I first arrived at the boat ramp. They were biting (somewhat ineffectually) and whacking each other with solid wing flaps. I broke them up for the photo session. No idea what happened after I left. Fortunately I was not the object of any goose aggro.


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