Snorkelling at Marengo on a Perfect Autumn Morning

Tuesday 10 May 2022 was a perfect late autumn morning in Apollo Bay. Cold air (6°C at dawn), sea temperature pleasant in an appropriate wetsuit (15.5°C), very little swell and a glassy ocean. I started the day with a 1600m swim from the end of my street to the harbour wall and back. Then I snorkelled for an hour off Marengo at the southern end of Mounts Bay. The BlueSeventy wetsuit, a RipCurl winter hood and Patagonia 3mm booties were ideal for these swims on this day. The inner reef of Little Henty reefs and the edge of the rock shelf at Hayley Point were both readily accessible on the low tide in these conditions.

I find snorkelling peaceful and exhilarating. I hope these photos enable the reader to share something of the enjoyment I find cruising around these reefs.

Marengo photographed from the water
My view of Marengo as I swam out from the beach to Little Henty Reef.
Little Henty Reef photo
Approaching Little Henty reef. The rocks on the seabed are associated with the reef. The swim out to the reef was over a sandy seabed.

Underwater gardens on the reefs

Underwater marine plant life
Underwater marine plant life
Underwater marine plant life - algae
Underwater marine plant life
Underwater marine plant life with reflections
colourful marine plant life on Little Henty Reef

A comb jelly

Comb jelly
I have never seen one of these and I had no idea what it was. Turns out it’s a comb jelly. It’s an amazing creature. For example, it’s not a jelly fish. Google it.
Comb jelly showing iridescence
The comb jelly is quite beautiful. It has vivid iridescence on lines along its body. This image captures something of what I saw in this regard. The colours were vivid and scintillating, and surprising.

Unidentified thing

I have no idea what this is. My researches to date have yielded nothing. It looks like a rough first-draft sketch for a milk carton, done by a child. I suspect it’s a jelly fish of some sort, or perhaps some lower order relation of a jelly fish. I will amend this caption when I find the answer.

A few fish

Fish underwater
It is said that where there are fish, there are bigger fish. Perhaps that is correct, but on this day I didn’t see them.
Fish swimming around reef
There is a well camouflaged fish swimming in this scene (see next photo for enlarged detail).
Fish swimming around reef

Clear water and blue skies

Clear ocean water and sky
Hayley Point photographed from the sea
The tip of Hayley Point.
Breaking wave photographed close up. Clear water. Marengo.
A hot shower and a hearty (late) breakfast followed.
I have no plans to leave Apollo Bay.

4 thoughts on “Snorkelling at Marengo on a Perfect Autumn Morning

  1. Wonderful photos John I do so enjoy your exploits at Apollo Bay, and who would leave such a beautiful place.

    Cheers Carole Doyle

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    1. Thank you Carole. There is a lot of natural beauty around Apollo Bay. As you would have gathered, the world just beneath the surface of the sea around the rock shelves and reefs is a favourite of mine. Cheers, John.


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