In a place surrounded by natural beauty

The beauty of the natural world is on full display at every turn in the Apollo Bay area.

These photos were all taken over the last few weeks within a few kms of my home. The photos of the moonset and the koala in the tree were taken from my back deck. The easterly winds stirring up the ocean, the low stratus nestled against the the coastal hills, the roos in the hinterland – these are all frequent sights around here. But to my eye, these ordinary events often bring extraordinary sights and experiences to all who, with that hope in mind, look.

Above the clouds at Apollo Bay

Low cloud over Apollo Bay townshi
Light moist winds from the east or south east can form layers of low stratus which can also be associated with sea fog. The top of these cloud layers is sometimes well below 1000 feet above sea level. On such days a walk up to Marriners Lookout just north of the township of Apollo Bay can be rewarded with the spectacle of a uniform vast layer of white stratus at a level just below the height of the lookout (750′ AMSL). In this photo (taken in the afternoon) the warming up of the land had started to break up the cloud.
Layer of stratus over the sea nestled up against Otway Ranges coast and foothills
The stratus was quite thick to the east of Marriners Lookout. The headland in the distance on the right is Cape Patton.
Sea fog on the coast
Close up of detail from the previous photo.
Complete cover of low stratus over the sea, with Cape Patton visible
View to the ESE from Marriners Lookout, with the coast below the cloud experiencing total cloud cover.

Easterly winds at Apollo Bay

Strong blow and heavy rain

Wild storm waves at sea
Strong easterlies can produce wild seas in the area. The poor visibility in this image was due to heavy rain around Apollo Bay at the time.
Wild waves in shorebreak in easterly at Apollo Bay
The view of the beach at the end of my street, taken from the road in front of my house. Definitely a harbour day for the daily swim.
Water fall near Apollo Bay
Near Apollo Bay. Some call it the Falls, others refer to it as Urquharts falls. This waterfall can be quite dry in summer, but after good rain it flows as shown.

Easterly gale

Storm waves in gale breaking at Apollo Bay
This image and the three below show wind waves breaking over Little Henty Reef in gale force winds. Note the notched appearance of the horizon line – always a sure sign of big seas well offshore.
Storm waves in gale breaking at Apollo Bay
Storm waves in gale breaking at Apollo Bay
Storm waves in gale breaking at Apollo Bay

Setting moon rolling down a ridge in the early morning at Apollo Bay

Moonset in Apollo Bay
I understand this was technically a 68% full waning gibbous moon. Another point of view is that it was rolling down this ridge line as it approached the horizon to finally set after another nightshift.
Moonset in Apollo Bay
May wild birds photobomb your photos too.
Moonset in Apollo Bay

Eastern grey kangaroos, a couple of koalas and a beautiful but venomous snake

Head portrait of buck and doe eastern grey kangaroos
Portrait shot of a buck (rear) and a doe in the wild. I came across them unexpectedly in the hills behind Apollo Bay, probably less than 2kms as the crow flies from my house.
A timeless portrait pose.
Portrait of buck and doe eastern grey kangaroos
The doe tired of posing first. The buck with a subtle but detectable weight lifter’s pose was hungry for more.
Healthy adult male eastern grey kangaroo near Apollo Bay
The buck appearing to think I might not have quite captured his full magnificence, struck a few more poses before ambling off. What a build!
Koala near Apollo Bay
Driving along a dirt road in the hills a couple of kms from my house not long after sunrise I came across this commuter getting another day under way.
In the gum trees lining the small creek beside our house, the loves and lives of koalas are regularly played out – day and night. This large buck had been unsuccessful in pursuing a lighter and more nimble female in the high and thin branches of this tree. I’m not sure whether he was seeking intelligent conversation or spiritual solace, but he certainly seemed keen. So having failed in his overtures he retired to this fork in the tree and grunted his dissatisfaction for a while. When he spotted me with the camera, he stopped growling and gave me the look in the photo on the left. He then became otherwise occupied and closed his eyes. Probably meditating.
Lowland copperhead snake. Venomous snake. Near Apollo Bay
Lowland copperhead. Note the distinctive colour markings. The vivid orange and red strip down its side for the entire length of the body is particularly eye-catching. It showed no sign of aggression, but equally, it showed no inclination to move away from me. So we both moved on in peace. What a beautiful and perfect creature. I encountered this snake on a quiet winding dirt road about 2kms into the hills behind Apollo Bay.

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