Flying Memories – Chapter 4 (of 10)

Forced down by thunderstorms on the Yorke Peninsula Thunderstorms generally. Thunderstorms are a great force of nature to be treated with absolute respect by all pilots. The strong turbulence associated with a thunderstorm can destroy an aircraft, large or small. Thunderstorms generate powerful updrafts and downdrafts which operate from the lowest levels to the tops … Continue reading Flying Memories – Chapter 4 (of 10)

Flying Memories – Chapter 3 (of 10)

Encounter with a thunderstorm at night On 11 June 1978 I landed VH-WIL (a single engine four seat Piper Cherokee 180) after dark with four passengers (one was a babe in her parents' arms, another was Liz who later married me) in gale force winds and driving rain at the peak of a heavy thunderstorm. … Continue reading Flying Memories – Chapter 3 (of 10)

Early Morning Hang Gliding Flight at Apollo Bay

Hang gliding is the simplest form of flying for humans, and for me it is the most beautiful. When hang gliding in a place as beautiful as Apollo Bay, the enjoyment starts well before becoming airborne and endures for quite some time after landing. This flight was my first for the summer season. Bruce, a … Continue reading Early Morning Hang Gliding Flight at Apollo Bay

Four Day Ride in the Victorian High Country, November 2022

In selecting the dates for this motorbike ride through the Victorian high country, late November seemed ideal as it carried a low risk of bushfires, snow and ice. But a series of cold fronts crossing the state a few days before our departure brought sub-zero temperatures, ice and snow to the alpine roads we planned … Continue reading Four Day Ride in the Victorian High Country, November 2022

Spring, Bright & Apollo Bay

A spring holiday in Bright. Late snow crowning Mount Bogong in mid September. Photo taken from the Murray to Mountains rail trail near the centre of Bright. Mount Bogong from Tawonga Gap, under an interesting sky. View to the east from Mt Buffalo Gorge. Snow capped mountains on the horizon. The green valley is the … Continue reading Spring, Bright & Apollo Bay