Photographic Exhibition at Apollo Bay

For five days around new year’s day twenty-one framed canvas prints of photos of mine were exhibited in a little gallery attached to the Mechanics’ Hall in Apollo Bay. The exhibition space was shared with Michelle, one of my ocean swimming friends, who exhibited her vibrant acrylic paint and resin art works.

The title of the exhibition was: ‘Inspired by the Ocean’. The twenty-one photos I exhibited appear below.

L to R: The Apollo Bay Arts Inc Gallery at the Mechanics’ Hall on the Great Ocean road. Opening night. Twelve of the twenty prints I had on display at the opening.

I met some very interesting people over the 5 days of the exhibition.

On Friday 30 December 2022 I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Bruce Postle, one of Australia’s most renowned photographers, who attended the exhibition. He was a press photographer for over 50 years, and his father Cliff was also a press photographer. Bruce seemed to me to be going very well for an 82 year old. It was Bruce in 1977 who took the famous picture of 73 year-old horse trainer Tommy Woodcock lying in his stable with his horse Reckless on the eve of the Melbourne Cup. (The next day, Reckless ran second). Woodcock is the legendary strapper of Pharlap. In 2014 Bruce was made an honorary fellow of the Australian Institute for Professional Photography for his outstanding contrinbtion to the photographic industy. Later in the same year he was inducted into the Australian Media Hall of Fame.

Bruce told me the story of his father Cliff attending Eagle Farm (Brisbane’s first airport) as a press photographer to photograph Smithy, Charles Ulm and their two crew landing the Southern Cross on 9 June 1928 after their epic trans-Pacific flight from California via Hawaii, and Fiji. This was the first-ever trans-Pacific flight from mainland United States to Australia. 25,000 people turned up at Eagle Farm to welcome the aviators as they completed their historic flight.

Bruce further recounted that his father returned to Eagle Farm the next day with some prints of the photos he had taken of the airrival the previous day. There were no crowds, and Smithy was on his own tending to his aeroplane. Cliff offered Smithy the prints. Smithy asked about the price, and Cliff Postle told him he could have them as a gift. Smithy was pleased and grateful, and took Cliff for a joyride in the ‘old bus’ as he called the Southern Cross.

I was particularly pleased when Bruce volunteered that he liked my photo of Loch Ard Gorge, which was on display as part of the exhibition. Meeting Bruce was a very interesting unexpected encounter.

The red dots benath images indicate print sales.

Yachts moored in Apollo Bay harbour in the mist

Sea fog clearing at the Apollo Bay harbour.

Yachts moored in Apollo Bay harbour

Apollo Bay harbour right after the sea fog cleared. πŸ”΄

Thunderstorms over Apollo Bay coastal hills

Cumulonimbus clouds over the coastal hills near Apollo Bay harbour. πŸ”΄

Closeup of Australasian gannet soaring

Australasian gannet over Mounts Bay searching for fish. πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄

Underwater photo of marine plant life, sand and dappled light

Snorkelling in rock pools near Skenes Creek.

Underwater photo of marine plant life, sand and dappled light

Snorkelling in rock pools near Skenes Creek.

Wild Dog creek under moody clouds

Wild Dog Creek flowing out to the sea near Pirates Cove, between Apollo Bay and Skenes Creek. πŸ”΄

Apollo Bay harbour entrance in day three of a strong easterly. Boats moored in safe haven.

Safe haven for fishing boats in the Apollo Bay harbour in big seas after three days of an easterly winds over 30 knots. πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄

Local surfer on large wave at Two Mile

Surfer in sold swell west of Cape Otway.

Surfer at Gibson Steps on large wave

Surfer in sold swell west of Cape Otway.

Surfer at Gibson Steps sitting on surfboard between large green unbroken swell lines.

Surfer west of Cape Otway passing up these beautiful waves for a bigger one out the back, which he took.

Loch Ard Gorge early evening

Loch Ard Gorge at dusk. πŸ”΄

Port Campbell bay on a calm evening

A ‘one in one hundred year’ calm moment at Port Campbell harbour,

Overhead cliff height white water from waves breaking near Peterborough

Southern Ocean gale pounding the cliffs between Peterborough and Port Campbell on the Victorian west coast. πŸ”΄

Lorne pier at dusk.

Lorne pier at sunset in winter.

Seals on Little Henty Reef near Marengo, in sizeable swell

Seals on Little Henty Reef at the southern end of Mounts Bay, near Apollo Bay, keeping a close eye on the breaking waves. πŸ”΄

Surf breaking on Little Henty Reef in solid swell.

Big swell on Little Henty Reef near Apollo Bay. πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄

Surf breaking on Little Henty Reef in solid swell.

Big swell on Little Henty Reef near Apollo Bay.

Surf breaking on Little Henty Reef in solid swell.

Big swell on Little Henty Reef near Apollo Bay. A favourite shot of mine. πŸ”΄ πŸ”΄

Dolphins surfing bow wave of fishing boat.

Common dolphins surfing the bow wave of a fishing boat in Bass Strait, near Apollo Bay. πŸ”΄

Shorebreak at Hayleys Point (Marengo) at dusk. πŸ”΄


Since publishing this post I have received a number inquiries as to the price of the framed stretched canvas prints in the exhibition. Immediately following is the exhibition guide to twenty of the photographs on sale. The photo immediately above (Shorebreak at Hayleys Point) was a late inclusion in the exhibition. Its details are: 89x60cm (approx. 23.5 x 35″) $475.

The 10 prints above without red dots are the unsold images and are available for immediate sale, at the prices indicated below (which are inclusive of postage in Australia).

The other images (with the red dots) are also available for purchase at the prices indicated below. But printing and framing these images would take 10-14 days from the date of placing the order.

If you wish to order a print, please contact me by email at:

15 thoughts on “Photographic Exhibition at Apollo Bay

    1. Thank you Carole. You would have seen many of these shots in previous posts on the blog. But it was an interesting exercise to select 21 of my favourite photos for the local exhibition and to see them framed and hanging in one place. I also enjoyed discussing the photos with those who attended the exhibition.


    1. Thanks Serena. It took some time to select only 20 photos from my collection, but it was an enjoyable task and I met some interesting people through the exhibition.


    1. Thanks Hunto. I did enjoy talking to the gallery visitors about the photos and the stories behind them. I’d never sold a photo until the opening night of the exhibition. But I have no date pencilled in my diary for a second exhibition. I think I’ll just revert to my former methods of sharing my photos.


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