Stormy Seas along the coast between the Twelve Apostles and the Bay of Islands

Winter cold fronts from the oceans of the roaring forties hit the west coast of Victoria with full force. Port Campbell and points immediately east and west are places I like to be when this happens. These photos were taken a few hours after a strong cold front had reached this coast. The swell was big enough to entice a few hardy local surfers to paddle out to Two Mile (a bombie out from the cliffs just west of Pt Campbell). They were paddling back in by the time I arrived as the wind had backed around and was onshore.

John Langmead_untitled_2365_20190702_Online
The view to the south from Beacon headland at Pt Campbell. The easiest way for surfers to paddle out to Two Mile and the easiest way to get back to shore are both clearly visible in this photo.
John Langmead_untitled_2434_20190702_Online
Reefs identify themselves when the swell gets above a certain size. There was a strong onshore wind this day.  This wave was breaking out to sea from Pt Campbell.


The Bay of Islands and the Bay of Martyrs

The Bay of Martyrs and the Bay of Islands are just west of Peterborough. Always a great sight with a bit of swell and wind.

John Langmead_untitled_2461_20190702_Online

John Langmead_untitled_2473_20190702_Online

John Langmead_untitled_2496_20190702_Online

John Langmead_untitled_2502_20190702_Online

The Twelve Apostles

John Langmead_untitled_2411_20190702_Online
The Twelve Apostles across the sea from a distance of 11 kms.  Stormy squalls were passing through regularly this day and the strong onshore wind was producing rough seas.  There were moments of sunshine in between the squalls. This moment conveniently highlighted the Twelve Apostles.  The gently undulating hinterland was obscured by rain.
11.5kms away
Photo from the same spot on a different day.  It’s the weather and the ocean that keep bringing me back to this stretch of coast.


8 thoughts on “Stormy Seas along the coast between the Twelve Apostles and the Bay of Islands

  1. I especially liked the photos of the 12 Apostles John, the green hinterland completing the tranquillity in the last shot. With the weather you observed, it’s easy to see why there will be no Apostles in a relatively short span of time.


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  2. Yes, it’s a wild stretch of coast, With the relentless onslaught of the sea and the crumbling nature of the rock I’m astounded the sea hasn’t made its way well inland. I was told by a Parks ranger on the day of the photos that the twelve apostles now number seven.

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  3. Nice photos John. From my understanding photos from the 11km distance are extremely rare (or until now non-existent?) when capturing the 12 Apostles.
    Perhaps we should print some up for the Apollo Bay market.
    We need to think $BIG$ here.

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  4. Beautiful photographs, appreciated from one photographer to another. I’ve spent many a summer in Port campbell and know it’s beauty and power well. She’s a mighty force that ocean.

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