Photographic Exhibition at Apollo Bay

For five days around new year's day twenty-one framed canvas prints of photos of mine were exhibited in a little gallery attached to the Mechanics' Hall in Apollo Bay. The exhibition space was shared with Michelle, one of my ocean swimming friends, who exhibited her vibrant acrylic paint and resin art works. The title of … Continue reading Photographic Exhibition at Apollo Bay

Winter swim at Port Campbell, and Whales at Logans Beach

I couldn't resist going for a swim in these inviting conditions at Port Campbell. The water was cold, clear and calm. The light north/north-easterly wind was offshore. The Southern Ocean was at rest. I usually keep a wetsuit and goggles in the back of the car when driving along the west coast in case the … Continue reading Winter swim at Port Campbell, and Whales at Logans Beach

The Inviting Cold Ocean

Winter snorkelling near Apollo Bay This extensive shore reef can only be snorkelled at low tide (less than 0.7m) and ideally without big swell. On the day Boo and I decided to go snorkelling this meant getting in the water not long after dawn. This particular 'pool' (it is in fact connected by a channel … Continue reading The Inviting Cold Ocean

Snorkelling at Marengo on a Perfect Autumn Morning

Tuesday 10 May 2022 was a perfect late autumn morning in Apollo Bay. Cold air (6°C at dawn), sea temperature pleasant in an appropriate wetsuit (15.5°C), very little swell and a glassy ocean. I started the day with a 1600m swim from the end of my street to the harbour wall and back. Then I … Continue reading Snorkelling at Marengo on a Perfect Autumn Morning

Apollo Bay

Snorkelling is a simple pleasure. These rock pools near Apollo Bay offer beautiful and easily accessible underwater scenery all year round, when there is a low tide and the swell is not big. The minimum equipment list is small: mask, snorkel, fins, and of course a wetsuit. My swims here are usually solo. The underwater … Continue reading Apollo Bay