Victorian West Coast Winter Surfing

Lip throwing out on winter wave

In midwinter on the west coast of Victoria, bitterly cold offshore winds fan curtains of spray off swell lines generated by storms in the deep southern latitudes between Australia and Antarctica. Most of these winter waves go unridden. But occasionally the keen observer will fleetingly spot something black in the water well offshore, appearing and … Continue reading Victorian West Coast Winter Surfing

Winter in Apollo Bay

The air temperature was 7°C and the wind was blowing at 25-30 knots. The wind chill was around 1°C. There was thunder from time to time and being wet from the near constant rain created a further refrigeration effect. These were the conditions in which some of the photos below were taken. The camera and … Continue reading Winter in Apollo Bay

Beauty beneath the Surface

Snorkelling in rock pools near Skenes Creek

The reefs and rock pools along the west coast of Victoria only reveal their beauty to those prepared to get wet.  For half the time they are entirely concealed by the ocean at high tide, and for the other half they present as relatively unattractive seaweed filled pools scattered between rocky outcrops on the reef, … Continue reading Beauty beneath the Surface

An Hour with an Egret

The ever elegant egret was the subject of a post on this blog in August last year.  I have long wanted to see and photograph this bird displaying its breeding plumage, which until yesterday evening I had only ever seen in photos. The mud flats and tidal shallows near the mouth of the Barham River … Continue reading An Hour with an Egret

Cockle Creek to the West Coast of Tasmania

Cockle Creek in Recherché Bay is remote. It's the most southerly point you can drive to in Australia. It's below the 43rd parallel of latitude in the direct path of the roaring forties. It is closer to Antarctica than Cairns. The next land mass to the west is South America, and to the east New … Continue reading Cockle Creek to the West Coast of Tasmania