Six Days on Thistle Island, South Australia

Thistle Island is a wild, remote and pristine island off the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. It took only a short time to consider our answer to an invitation to spend five or six days on Thistle Island to help a friend celebrate his birthday. So a short time later, Lizzie … Continue reading Six Days on Thistle Island, South Australia

Big Swell Hits the West Coast

Storm Surf Twelve Apostles National Park

The forecast was for gale force onshore winds with an 8m+ swell around Pt Campbell on Sunday, peaking a few hours after midnight - and that's what happened. Coastal cliffs just west of Loch Ard Gorge & Mutton Bird Island The wind at the time this was taken was blowing from the SSW at 30-44 … Continue reading Big Swell Hits the West Coast

Catching a few waves on the surf ski at Apollo Bay

Surf ski paddling Apollo Bay

The surf ski is one of my favourite ocean toys. A previous post on this blog contains photos and detailed descriptions of the ski in action from many perspectives. See: In contrast this post contains videos and photos taken with a GoPro from one angle only - a camera mounted on the back deck … Continue reading Catching a few waves on the surf ski at Apollo Bay

Wind and Waves

Large wave breaking on reef Apollo Bay

The constant and ever-changing backdrop to life in Apollo Bay is the ocean. Swells come and go on the west coast of Victoria, unlike the wind which blows most days. The size of the swell is determined by storms in higher latitudes deep in the Southern Ocean. The strength and direction of the wind on … Continue reading Wind and Waves

Easterly Seas at Apollo Bay

Rough easterly seas at Apollo Bay

The main beach at Apollo Bay faces east and is completely exposed to the wind waves and rough seas brought by easterly and south-easterly winds. The waves erode the beach and dunes up to and sometimes above the high water mark and the wind moves huge amounts of sand. Once the wind gets above around … Continue reading Easterly Seas at Apollo Bay