Big Swell Hits the West Coast

Storm Surf Twelve Apostles National Park

The forecast was for gale force onshore winds with an 8m+ swell around Pt Campbell on Sunday, peaking a few hours after midnight - and that's what happened. Coastal cliffs just west of Loch Ard Gorge & Mutton Bird Island The wind at the time this was taken was blowing from the SSW at 30-44 … Continue reading Big Swell Hits the West Coast

Rough seas in an easterly blow at Apollo Bay

Rough sea apollo bay

Swimmers and surfers stay out of the water and boats tend not to leave their moorings and pens in the harbour when there is a strong easterly blow at Apollo Bay. A number of shipwrecks in the area have occurred on lee shores in conditions such as these. The sea conditions created by wind waves … Continue reading Rough seas in an easterly blow at Apollo Bay

Easterly Seas at Apollo Bay

Rough easterly seas at Apollo Bay

The main beach at Apollo Bay faces east and is completely exposed to the wind waves and rough seas brought by easterly and south-easterly winds. The waves erode the beach and dunes up to and sometimes above the high water mark and the wind moves huge amounts of sand. Once the wind gets above around … Continue reading Easterly Seas at Apollo Bay

Classic Spring Weather in Apollo Bay

Gale force winds on sea at Apollo Bay

Spring arrived as if a switch had been flicked. The air is warmer, the sun is brighter and the ocean somehow no longer looks wintry. Well, at least that was how it looked before the gale force winds arrived. All these photos were taken in the first 7-8 days of spring 2020. A morning ocean … Continue reading Classic Spring Weather in Apollo Bay

Final Days of Winter in Apollo Bay

We had a quick taste of spring weather, then winter finished in style. The high over Apollo Bay provided clear skies and a warmish day, while swell from the south west reached our shores ahead of the low pressure system that created it. This water was winter-cold to swim in. The preview of spring was … Continue reading Final Days of Winter in Apollo Bay