Photographic Exhibition at Apollo Bay

For five days around new year's day twenty-one framed canvas prints of photos of mine were exhibited in a little gallery attached to the Mechanics' Hall in Apollo Bay. The exhibition space was shared with Michelle, one of my ocean swimming friends, who exhibited her vibrant acrylic paint and resin art works. The title of … Continue reading Photographic Exhibition at Apollo Bay

Hang Gliding Flight at Apollo Bay

There were enough signs to satisfy a couple of optimists that the wind might blow from the right direction at the right strength for an hour or two of soaring over the coastal hills at Apollo Bay. So Bruce and I made the trek to the launch site and set up our gliders. It turned … Continue reading Hang Gliding Flight at Apollo Bay

Early Morning Hang Gliding Flight at Apollo Bay

Hang gliding is the simplest form of flying for humans, and for me it is the most beautiful. When hang gliding in a place as beautiful as Apollo Bay, the enjoyment starts well before becoming airborne and endures for quite some time after landing. This flight was my first for the summer season. Bruce, a … Continue reading Early Morning Hang Gliding Flight at Apollo Bay

Spring, Bright & Apollo Bay

A spring holiday in Bright. Late snow crowning Mount Bogong in mid September. Photo taken from the Murray to Mountains rail trail near the centre of Bright. Mount Bogong from Tawonga Gap, under an interesting sky. View to the east from Mt Buffalo Gorge. Snow capped mountains on the horizon. The green valley is the … Continue reading Spring, Bright & Apollo Bay

Winter swim at Port Campbell, and Whales at Logans Beach

I couldn't resist going for a swim in these inviting conditions at Port Campbell. The water was cold, clear and calm. The light north/north-easterly wind was offshore. The Southern Ocean was at rest. I usually keep a wetsuit and goggles in the back of the car when driving along the west coast in case the … Continue reading Winter swim at Port Campbell, and Whales at Logans Beach