The end of the road for a faithful friend

Being sentimental about a car does seem pointless. But my blue Volvo has served me so faithfully for so many years, that driving her on her final trip today (200kms from Apollo Bay to Melbourne) made me sad. Hence this brief photographic reminiscence about my favourite mode of transport between my house and the sea … Continue reading The end of the road for a faithful friend

Chasing the Southern Lights 2019

Sunrise over Cape Patten and Skenes Creek

I have long wanted to see the aurora australis (southern lights) from my home coast, but living in Victoria as I do, it seems I could be waiting for a while. Gazing south from some coastal vantage point on a moonless clear night and seeing the southern sky lighting up on cue with dancing curtains … Continue reading Chasing the Southern Lights 2019

The Arrival of Winter in Apollo Bay

The arrival of winter in Apollo Bay is technically a date. But it is also when the whales start to arrive along our coast, it is when big swells and fierce weather hit the region and it is prime time for seeing the entire Milky Way arch across the heavens on a moonless night (a … Continue reading The Arrival of Winter in Apollo Bay

Loch Ard Night

Loch Ard Gorge on a still moonless night is a dark and beautiful place.   I stood on the beach there last Tuesday night, not another soul present, not another car in the car-park, and virtually no cars passing on the Great Ocean Road.  A light warm northerly blew against my back.   I was … Continue reading Loch Ard Night

Apollo Bay crowned by the Milky Way

The air was clear and cold, and the moon would not rise until close to dawn the following day.  There was the occasional patch of coastal stratus ghosting silently along the coast in the chilly westerly.   (I take the view that a little bit of cloud can enhance a night sky photo).     … Continue reading Apollo Bay crowned by the Milky Way