Wild dolphins swimming beside cray boat near Apollo Bay

Common dolphins off Apollo Bay

At short notice I received an invitation to go on a short trip with a local Apollo Bay professional fisherman on his boat the Karlene-Marie. I said yes. Heading east in calm and clear autumn conditions. Looking north west. En route to set the net. This is about as peaceful as the Southern Ocean gets. … Continue reading Wild dolphins swimming beside cray boat near Apollo Bay

Golden Hour on the Barham River

Crested terns flying at sunset

The hour before sunset is an hour of light like no other. Colours are richer, shadows are longer and darker and a soft golden glow washes over everything before switching off in an instant as the sun sets. Colour and focus quickly fade into shadowy twilight and night.   The Barham River at Apollo Bay … Continue reading Golden Hour on the Barham River

Uncaught Fish and Unridden Waves

There was a good swell running the other evening with a light offshore wind, which drew me to Marengo Point to take photos of waves breaking over the reef there.  From my usual vantage point half way up a small cliff, I could see Marengo beach and its relatively protected waters to my left and … Continue reading Uncaught Fish and Unridden Waves