Motorbike Ride in the Otways Rainforest, Black Kites and Winter Ocean Swell

BMW R1200 GS motorbike ride through cool temperate rainforest in the Otway Ranges Afternoon sun in the Otways State Forest. The temperature in the hills didn't get above single figures. These coastal hills get a lot of rain. The cold clear air smelt deliciously of rich damp soil and the abundance of temperate rainforest vegetation. … Continue reading Motorbike Ride in the Otways Rainforest, Black Kites and Winter Ocean Swell

Apollo Bay in Autumn

The Point at Marengo came alive in a solid autumn swell with waves that tested some of the young local surfers. There were reports of heavy hold downs and a lot of water moving around. Some of the younger surfers said they hadn't seen it this big. From the little I saw, they handled it. … Continue reading Apollo Bay in Autumn

High Country Ride Autumn 2019

8 blokes, 8 bikes, not enough degrees Celsius, 2 days, one night and 1000kms. This is the essence of the plan we had as the sun rose on Saturday 30 March 2019. But first, the riders. The group of 8 wasn't complete until Bright, where Gilbert (a resident of Bright) joined us. If there is … Continue reading High Country Ride Autumn 2019

High Country Ride, Autumn 2018

1500 kms around the Victorian high country in 5 days, with Barb and Colin, friends from Port Lincoln South Australia where we all lived and worked in the late 1970s.  Barb and Colin were on their BMW R1200RT, and Liz and I were on the mighty BMW R1200GS.  These two bikes are quite similar, and … Continue reading High Country Ride, Autumn 2018

24 Hours in a Heat Wave

The open doors and windows which normally provide cool air on hot nights, were like open oven doors as the early northerly wind picked up strength around dawn.  The first task was to seal the house and turn the ceiling fans on to high.  The second task was to wheel the motorbike out of the … Continue reading 24 Hours in a Heat Wave