The quiet beauty of autumn on the coast

Autumn is one of my four favourite seasons in Apollo Bay.   It’s a season of peace and calm on the Victorian coast.   The extremes of summer are behind us and the cold fronts and big swells of winter are still rehearsing in the deep southern latitudes.   It’s a season of peace and quiet beauty.

John Langmead_March2018moonriseTuxion_2219_20180303_Online
A full moon rising over calm seas as seen from Tuxion at the foot of my street. The small settlement of Skenes Creek is on the left.  A meteor was inadvertently captured crossing the eastern sky in near the top right of the image. The golden glow of the moonlight through the layer of scattered cloud on the horizon was a grand entrance for this full moon.  There was no wind and it was cool without being cold.
John Langmead_ND Filter daylight expermnts_2232_20180305_Online-2
Little Henty Reef on the horizon, and the shore-reef at Marengo in the foreground. Cape Patton is on the left in the distance. There was no swell to speak of, and the seals who call it home were enjoying a quiet (and dry) day.
John Langmead_ND Filter daylight expermnts_2243_20180305_Online-2
No swell never means no movement of the water on these shores. The gentle rise and fall of the sea has a quiet restful breathing rhythm to it.  Water cascades quietly over rocks in a peaceful moment of brief respite from the dramatic and perennial conflict between sea and shore.


John Langmead_ND Filter daylight expermnts_2240_20180305_Online-3
L to R: Cape Patton, Marengo shoreline, Little Henty Reef.


John Langmead_ND Filter daylight expermnts_2249_20180305_Online-4
The enduring and ancient forms of the reefs along the shore contrast starkly with the ephemeral and gentle flows of ocean water over and around them.
John Langmead_Kookaburra from verandah_2524_20180309_Online
One of our immediate neighbours in the stand of eucalypts along the banks of Milford Creek.  The kookaburras are regular contributors to the dawn birdsong, but also favour solo and occasionally ensemble performances at other times during daylight hours.  The song of the kookaburra is energetic and joyous.

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