Moonrise at Apollo Bay

John Langmead_March2018moonriseTuxion_2184_20180303_Online
A near-full moon rising behind some low banks of cloud on the horizon as seen from Tuxion beach at Apollo Bay.

John Langmead_March2018moonriseTuxion_2195_20180303_Online


John Langmead_March2018moonriseTuxion_2219_20180303_Online
This was taken from Tuxion beach at the bottom of my street.  The headland on the left is Cape Patton, and the small town is Skenes Creek.  A meteor top right was inadvertently captured.   The kelp was washed up by recent easterlies.  I swim regularly from this beach, but on this occasion resisted the temptation of a moonlight dip.  (5 second exposure, f/2.8 & ISO 800).




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