Seascapes, motorbike riding and a magpie

Photos taken in recent weeks in and around Apollo Bay.  Too few images on each subject to warrant a post on their own, but images too evocative of memorable moments not to share.  Once again, upon closer examination the ordinary often turns out to be anything but.

John Langmead_Wild Dog dusk_8588_20171028_Online copy
Wild Dog Creek flowing gently out to the sea on a beach between Apollo Bay and Skenes Creek.
John Langmead_Wild Dog dusk_8577_20171028_Online
The footpath through the dunes from the Great Ocean Road to Wild Dog beach.
John Langmead_Wild Dog dusk_8581_20171028_Online
Nature does dune foliage very nicely.
John Langmead_MoonlitCapePatton_9503_20171103_Online
In the deep blue between dusk and darkness, the stars begin to sparkle into visibility over Apollo Bay.
John Langmead_MoonlitCapePatton_9495_20171103_Online
Apollo Bay and the Great Ocean Road after dusk.
John Langmead_MoonlitCapePatton_9446_20171103_Online
Under a full moon filtered through passing clouds:  Cape Patton in the distance, Boneyards (surf break) in the middle foreground, Whitecrest cabins lit up on the left and Sledgehammers surf break in the immediate foreground.
John Langmead_ABHarbourNight_9524_20171105_Online
Nightfall at Apollo Bay harbour.  This was taken at a slow shutter speed with the camera on a tripod and using a remote shutter release, focusing on depth of field.  It’s a sharp image.
John Langmead_ABHarbourNight_9559_20171105_Online
South east corner of Apollo Bay harbour.
John Langmead_ABHarbourNight_9567_20171105_Online
Apollo Bay harbour walls.
John Langmead_ABHarbourNight_9598_20171105_Online-2
The yacht casting the shadow of its forestay along the light beam is called ‘It’s Magic’.  It belongs to friends of mine.
John Langmead_untitled_8514_20171023_Online
Able and willing pillion passenger on Mt Leura near Camperdown during a 250km tour of the Otways and hinterland.
John Langmead_untitled_8517_20171023_Online
Spring in the western district.
John Langmead_untitled_8544_20171023_Online
More mucking around with depth of field, at Mt Leura.
John Langmead_untitled_8522_20171023_Online
Motorbike rider on Mt Leura.  Photo taken by pillion passenger.
John Langmead_CarisbrookCkCornering_7909_20171012_Print
BMW R1200GS cruising around the Great Ocean Road near Carisbrook Creek.
John Langmead_CarisbrookCkCornering_7891_20171012_Print
BMW R1200GS rider taking evasive action as a vehicle  travelling at high speed struggles to get back to its own side of the road.  Unfortunately this is not an uncommon occurrence.  It was unusual to capture a photo of it though.
John Langmead_MarengoBeachWalk_9676_20171106_Online
Bluebottle jellyfish blown ashore in an easterly on Marengo beach.  They are not an uncommon sight on the beach, but I have never been stung by one.
John Langmead_MarengoBeachWalk_9639_20171106_Online
Another bluebottle with one of its venomous tentacles visible.
John Langmead_Maggie in backyard_8591_20171029_Online
This very bold & confident father magpie has taken up temporary residence around my house.  He will fly down from trees or roof tops if I appear on the lawn with a morsel and call him.  He seems to think well of me, and does not swoop me during breeding season.  He swoops pedestrians on the street who are not known to him.  Who knew magpies had eyelashes?
John Langmead_Maggie in backyard_8599_20171029_Online
A beautiful bird.  I have not heard a more melodious or joyful song from any bird than the music of the magpie.
John Langmead_Maggie in backyard_8617_20171029_Online
After collecting some food from my hand, the father flew over the fence to his waiting baby and gave him the entire morsel.
John Langmead_Spring Surf AB_7296_20171002_Online
Soaring the spring shore break at Apollo Bay



Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 12.59.03 pm
I swim in the ocean at Apollo Bay all year.  I have an appropriate wardrobe of wetsuits and accessories to stay warm as the seasons change.  This image shows the beach where most of my ocean swims start and finish.  I have a group of friends who swim all year round too.  I casually took this sunset photo on a beach walk one evening last week, and on looking at it later, it evoked the thoughts about ocean swimming with friends which appear with the photo.


One thought on “Seascapes, motorbike riding and a magpie

  1. One of my favourite photo subjects, moonlight on the water. What a fabulous shot, they all are. John, you easily have a themed calendar’s worth here, I’ll take one.

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