Californian Redwoods in the Otway Ranges

An experimental grove of sequoia trees was planted deep in the Otway Ranges in the 1930s.  It never proceeded to commercial development and stands to this day, inching ever closer to taking the prize of the tallest tree/s in Australia.

John Langmead_Sequioas_7804_20171011_Online
I know I’m not the first to think of this perspective shot, but there’s a good reason it’s popular.
John Langmead_Sequioas_7805_20171011_Online
An amazing life form.  Peering up from the permanent twilight on the forest floor in this stand of giants.  If there’s fresher or sweeter air than in this grove, I’ve yet to breathe it.
John Langmead_Sequioas_7817_20171011_Online
The outer layer of bark on the trees seems to vary according to the aspect and amount of light it receives.
John Langmead_Sequioas_7821_20171011_Online
Quite unlike bark on Australian eucalypts.
John Langmead_Sequioas_7822_20171011_Online
This tree was bigger and seemed older than the others, which I guess it isn’t given they are all said to have been planted together.  Perhaps it was just in better soil, or had better light.  To the educated eye this bark tells a story.  I have no idea what that story might be.  But I found the range of colours, textures and shapes in this bark near the base of the tree interesting and beautiful.

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