Winter on the southern coast of Australia

Sunlit swell breaking on Little Henty Reef with a solid offshore wind creating the curtain of spray.  The backdrop is heavy rain under a cumulo-nimbus cloud which passed just south of the coast and this reef.
This is one of the large cu-nims which passed over Apollo Bay. It was moving east at quite a speed.
Beak warming?
This and the rest of the images in this post were taken from a rock shelf near Skenes Creek. This wave is in its final seconds yet it displays such power and majesty. Ocean swell does not end its journey with an apology or a whimper.
A breaking wave throwing huge volumes of water forward and down as it runs aground on the reef is made all the more spectacular by the strong offshore wind creating perfect aerofoil shapes out of the spray it takes aloft.
The sharp profile of the wave charging shoreward is crowned by spray shaped by the wind into this powerful and flowing streamlined shape.  If you half shut your eyes, you might see a large white seal lying over this wave….
But mostly, the white water explodes out and up in front of the wave with only the lighter droplets of spray being taken over the back by the wind.








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