Winter night sky, Apollo Bay


Skenes Creek as seen from Tuxion beach. Apparently the moon was ‘waxing gibbous’ and was 98% visible tonight.  Indistinguishable from a full moon to my eye. It was cold and windy after dark, with rain showers from the west. These three photos were taken from the beach at Apollo Bay (on the west coast of Victoria, Australia).



Looking east from Tuxion beach as the moon was about to rise over a solid cloud bank which shielded the harbour and town from the moon light as it rose. Those lights on the right are on the breakwater and jetty at the harbour mouth.



The view to the north west from Tuxion beach, looking towards the hills with the moonlight on my back. The dunes and trees were lit up by the moon which had fully risen above the clouds when this was taken.



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