A tribute to the common silver gull

Silver gulls fly with precision and elegance, and there is even something confident and stylish about their walk.
Seagulls in daylight with no moon
Australia’s most common gull, found at beaches all around the continent. They are accepted and liked as part of the scenery, but not admired like eagles or more exotic native birds. But they should be.
Version 2
Aerodynamic perfection in those wings, as this bird wheels effortlessly over the coastal dunes in the last of the evening sea breeze.
Seagull series-5
This bird has spotted something apparently more interesting than the full moon.
Version 2
Effortlessly soaring, climbing and wheeling.
Version 2
This busy scene is uncropped, showing what I saw in the view finder when the shutter was released. The next photo is a crop from this image, with the busyness removed.
Seagull series-3
Dusk Patrol. There is something purposeful about this neat formation and the common heading they are flying as they head east towards Cape Patton and the full moon. But only they will ever know what it was.
Version 2
Another busy shot of silver gulls wheeling around over the sand dunes in a light onshore breeze. But there are two obvious stars in this image, and they are the subjects of the photo immediately below.
Seagull series-8
This is currently my favourite photo. I could write a thousand words why. But I won’t.
Version 2
Night flight.

These photos were all taken at Apollo Bay, on the west coast of Victoria, Australia.  I took them from the sand dunes at the beach locals call Tuxion.  The headland in the distance is Cape Patton.

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